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Andes is part of a family of web service and design companies. Andes is owned and operated by Dr. Richard C. Rebeck, Ph.D., ( who resides in the Philippines and Lic. Marlene Parra ( ), who resides in Florida. They bring to Andes over 20 years of experience in: Graphic and Plastic Arts, Web Design and a full range of Internet services. Richard, is a former Professor of Graphic Arts, Web Page Design, and Networking. Marlene, is a University art graduate with many years of experience in art and creative design.

Andes and its sister companies of Turismo, S.R.L., have managed the internet activities of over 500 clients in South America since 1997. We brought this expertise to Florida in 2004.

We have successfully guided more than 500 clients to success in their presence in internet. Originally dedicated to sales and design we quickly realized that the best design doesn't serve if no one can find it.  We have spent the past 7 years devoting our efforts to improving design, specifically to improve SEO relationships while of course maintaining a high quality of relevant information. With the continuing changes made by the SE's such as Google, many have found their pages changing from popular to unknown forcing a redesign and sometimes costly advertising campaign or PPC solutions. We have successfully brought clients from zero to first page popularity with Google in less than 6 months and they have maintained their position and we have not paid one cent for positioning. Of course there are many product - services where it is necessary to use paid programs. One of our most successful ventures is (Spanish) and its English counterpart This is a Tourism Portal for the city of Merida, Venezuela in the Andes mountains. A very popular tourist center. If one uses Merida Venezuela as keyword in Google or other SE's or any other phrase associated with tourism ei: tourism merida venezuela, hotels Merida Venezuela, etc. whether in Spanish or English these pages have first page placement and have maintained that position since 2000. Registering over 97,000 hits daily and with a PR rank of 4. With more than 119,000 pages in the category of merida+venezuela it takes a constant attention to maintain said position. and its 500 clients have never fallen below a PR of 4 even though travel to said country has been restricted due to political unrest. In addition we have many clients of diverse nature from Clinics, Research Facilities, PBS authors and artists depending on our services. Most of our pages are bilingual (Spanish - English) and some are multilingual including Spanish - English - German - Italian and French. A good example is

Though we continue to service our clients in South America we basically do so through our employees in those countries since it is no longer safe for us to live in those areas so we work in Florida and in the Philippines we are mounting a new project.

We believe in the total concept of multilingual pages in multilingual communities or markets. We have created pages in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. We have developed a powerful design and promotional program for regular presentation of our clients Home Pages to the Search Engines.  As proof of our promotional success, we have achieved first place positions for nearly all of our clients. (Note: number 1, 2 or 3 out of 140,000, is first place to us!). I don’t know if one could call us SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers) or not, but through years of experience, we do know what works, and equally important, what does not!  Many of our clients claim they receive 70-100% of their business through our promotional efforts.  Wouldn't you like to join them?

We design practical, functional, result getting Web pages. We don’t try to demonstrate how elegant, exotic or flashy our artwork can be, unless of course it is a page dedicated to art. We present your message, service or product, faithfully, quickly, and efficiently in the manner YOU wish, and at a price that will please you.

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